What are IPUP dry Vacuum pumps and what are their uses?

IPUP is an acronym for Integrated Point-of-Use Pump

These IPUP dry vacuum pumps are designed for use and integration into process tools that require high levels of cleanliness and reliability, such as: electronic microscopes, surface analyzers, leak detectors, mass spectrometers, semiconductors and room operation. clean.

Thanks to the frictionless design of this type of IPUP dry pumps, there are no wearing parts or particles that could contaminate or mix in the path of the pumped gases and of course. They are extensively tested in the field of laboratories, medicine, semiconductors, and the pump modules are optimized to function without internal lubricants or seals, therefore there is no contamination by hydrocarbon vapors.

This provides an opportunity to replace remote dry pumps, which are much larger and more cumbersome located away from process tools, providing more space to increase productivity capabilities.

The characteristics of the pumps are compactness with process tools, cleanliness, high pumping speed, quiet operation, energy efficiency, interchangeability and design for integration.

At Trotec Solutions we offer a quality service, repair, maintenance and reconfiguration services for the most popular IPUP dry vacuum pumps.

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iPUP dry pump Alcatel A100-L, Service and Repair

Designed by Adixen (formerly Alcatel) are extensively proven in fields requiring the pumping of clean gases.

Do you need a service for your Alcatel IPUP dry pumps?

Edwards Ipup Dry Pumps

iPUP dry pump Edwards iPUP2, Service and Repair

IPUP2 vacuum pump, an Integrated Point-of-Use Pump, made for transfer chamber applications where a highly clean and contaminant-free vacuum is required.

Do you need a service for your Edwards IPUP dry pumps?

Kashiyama Ipup Dry Pumps

iPUP dry pump Kashiyama SDE/X Series, Service and Repair

Best known for its vertical screw pumping technology, kashiyama vacuum pumps are reliable for tough applications.

Do you need a service for your Kashiyama IPUP dry pumps?

Toyota Ipup Dry Pumps

 iPUP dry pump Toyota T100L, Service and Repair

Is a roots type vacuum pump that rotates a pair of synchronized, timing gears. Applications such as: semiconductor charge blocking, PVD system transfer or pumping applications, or clean general vacuum applications.

Do you need a service for your Kashiyama IPUP dry pumps?

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